About the Oldest Law Firm in Fresno

Known as the “Oldest Law Firm in Fresno,” Wild, Carter & Tipton has been a full-service professional law corporation staffed by highly specialized attorneys since 1893.

In addition to our general business and litigation practice, we offer extensive expertise in various areas of law.

These areas include personal injury, family law, employment and discrimination, real estate law, tax and estate planning, intellectual property law, agricultural law and financing arrangements, trust administration, probate, and estate related litigation.

Our Competitive Advantage

In this age of sophisticated business environments, digital information systems, and complex legal issues, we strive to understand your legal needs from the inside out. At Wild, Carter & Tipton, we feel it is important to function as though we were part of your “life” management team. This unique insider’s point of view gives us the edge in “preventative law” and when necessary, the edge in full blown litigation.

The law continues to change dramatically and we are dedicated to embracing these changes by creating progressive and unique solutions to our clients’ legal, business and personal needs.

Our philosophy of commitment enables us to build on the past, to focus on today’s challenges, and to proactively prepare our clients successfully for the future.

A Century of Commitment

When the founders of Wild, Carter & Tipton began representing the firm’s first clients in 1893, they pledged to provide each one with the highest quality legal service possible.

To the firm’s founders, Orlen Lee Everts, David S. Ewing, and Mount K. Wild, quality service meant looking at legal issues from the client’s particular point of view and considering problems within the context of the client’s overall goals and objectives. With the client’s ultimate best interest as a guidepost, they used their legal expertise to shape solutions that would be most advantageous to the client, both in the short and long-term.

Over a century later, Wild, Carter & Tipton carries on that tradition of total commitment to each client’s individual needs by providing quality service.

Originating Members

We pay tribute to the originating members of the law firm started by Orlen Lee Everts and David S. Ewing. The third member of the firm was Mount K. Wild, followed by Mr. Everts’ son Frank G. Everts, and then Mr. Wild’s son M. Gordon Wild and, later, grandson M. Bruce Wild. Through the generations, a standard of excellence and dedication has enabled the firm to meet the needs of its clients; this standard has remained for over 125 years.

originating members.JPG

Appointed to the Bench

Members of our firm who have been appointed to positions on the bench:

Alan D. Christensen
James L. Quaschnick
Robert L. Martin
Robert M. Barnard
Charles F. Hamlin
Robert H. Oliver