Civil Litigation


Trial Lawyers at Wild, Carter and Tipton are Some of the Best Civil Litigators in Fresno, CA.

The trial lawyers at Wild Carter & Tipton have the experience to represent you effectively before any civil court and our prime directive is always to protect your interests. The law firm of Wild, Carter and Tipton handles all types of civil litigation in Fresno, CA. When your case goes to court, you need competent trial lawyers to defend you at every stage of the proceedings.

We have the ability to navigate complaints, answers, motions, orders, and other pleadings as expeditiously as possible. Additionally, we understand the inner workings of jury selection, oral arguments, and even the fine art of settlement negotiations.

In case of settlement negotiations, we only recommend agreements favorable to you, and we balance these with your need for a fast, and efficient disposition of your case. However, we stand ready at the helm to go to trial anytime, and we will vigorously prosecute or defend to get the best recovery and result.

Civil Litigation Lawsuits

Our office represents clients in the following types of cases:

  • Commercial and Business Litigation

  • Property Disputes

  • Wrongful Foreclosure

  • Condemnation

  • Employer/Employee Disputes

  • High Speed Rail Litigation

  • Trademark and Copyright Disputes

  • Fraud

  • Injury Claims

  • Wrongful Death

It is our philosophy to anticipate, prevent, and resolve problems so that our clients can pursue their personal and business interests free from legal worries. Wild Carter & Tipton provides tailor-made solutions that enable us to present creative yet ethical, outside-the-box solutions that support your case at every stage of the legal process.

If litigation is in your forecast, you should call on Wild Carter & Tipton to assist you through, what can be, a very complex legal situation. Rest assured that your case will receive the highest level of attention that it needs to get you through your ordeal so that you will have peace of mind and receive the result that you deserve.

To get answers to your questions about civil litigation issues, call Wild, Carter & Tipton at (559) 224-2131 to schedule a no obligation consultation with an experienced civil litigation lawyer today.

Attorneys Specialized in Civil Litigation