Elder Abuse — Nursing Home Neglect


We depend on nursing homes and residential care facilities to provide a safe and caring environment for our loved ones. Unfortunately, more and more we are encountering glossy brochures but empty and failed promises. With our loved ones in such very vulnerable positions, caregivers and other professionals can cause an older person very great harm due to neglect, spite, and ignorance.

With a third of the nursing homes in the United States cited for abuse violations in the last two years, there can be no more important area of law.

Signs and Red Flags of Elder Abuse

  • Bed Sores

  • Bruises or any other sign of physical injury

  • Impatience, Arrogance, or Disrespect by ANY caregiver or staff

  • Lack of Cleanliness (unpleasant odors such as urine or feces)

  • Isolation

  • Falls

  • Frequent urinary tract infections (UTI’s)

  • Short staffing of personnel

  • Your instinct that “something just isn’t right”

How Wild, Carter & Tipton Can Help

The lawyers at Wild, Carter & Tipton are known for holding nursing homes, assisted living facilities, home health agencies, and hospitals accountable for the abuse, neglect, or disrespect of our elderly or disabled.

Simply put, it will not be tolerated or ignored.

If you believe that your loved one, no matter the severity, was a victim of any kind of elder abuse or neglect, contact Monrae English at Wild, Carter & Tipton for a FREE, no obligation consultation to discuss your case and all communications are held in the utmost confidence.

Our law office can be reached by phone at 559-224-2131.

Attorney Specialized in Elder Abuse and Neglect

Ms. English grew up in nursing homes. Her grandmother, who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at young age, was a resident of a skilled nursing facility for the entire duration of Ms. English’s childhood. At 18, Ms. English worked as a Certified Nurse’s Assistant at a long term care facility as well as a residential care facility in Tacoma, Washington. After moving to California in the 1980s, Ms. English worked as the Activities Director at Westgate Manner in Madera and later became an Ombudsman for the Fresno County Area Agency on Aging.

Ms. English is extremely passionate and committed to the zealous advocacy of seniors’ rights, safety, and dignity.

For a confidential consultation please email Ms. English at menglish@wctlaw.com