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– When you’re looking for Business Lawyers in Fresno, CA. with a wide range of experience in business transactions and a steadfast approach to business litigation Wild, Carter & Tipton will exceed your expectations. Our lawyers are highly skilled in these areas of practice and will ensure a strategy that aligns with your company goals.

Wild, Carter & Tipton are prepared to assist your company with affordable legal advice regardless of the size of your business. In addition, to the services below we also serve as legal counsel for small and mid-sized firms.

Legal Services Available for Your Business

  • Starting a business
  • Corporate governance matters (operating and shareholder agreements)
  • Business contracts
  • Business litigation
  • Small business formation for family-owned businesses
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Securities Law
  • Employment Law for Employers
  • Employment Litigation
  • Starting a liquor Business
  • Obtaining a Liquor License
  • Buying or Selling a Business with a Liquor License
  • Liquor License Violations

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If you need to know the effects that litigation will have on your business or if you need the assistance of qualified Fresno Business Lawyers to manage legal business transactions for a new or growing company, please schedule a no obligation consultation with Wild, Carter & Tipton today.

Attorneys Specialized in Business and Commercial Law

  • Bruce M. Brown
  • G. Dana French
  • Patrick J. Gorman
  • Richard A. Harris
  • Thomas A. Markeson
  • John W. Phillips
  • Don J. Pool

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