Robin M. Hall

Family Law Attorney Robin M Hall

Practice Areas
Certified Family Law Specialist
*Child Custody/Support
*Spousal Support
*Property Division
*Restraining Orders
*Spousal Abuse

Civil Litigation – Injury, Civil Spousal Torts

Phone: 559.224.2131
Fax: 559.224.8462

Educational Background

Robin Hall is an associate at Wild, Carter & Tipton and graduated from University of South Florida, Tampa FL. She is
a 2008 graduate of the San Joaquin College of Law.

Specialized Fields

Robin is a “Certified Family Law Practitioner” who specializes in all areas of family law, including child custody and support matters, spousal support, property division, restraining orders, martial settlement agreements, business evaluations and civil spousal torts.

Admitted to Practice

Robin is admitted to practice before all of the state and federal courts of California.

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